Monday, June 1, 2009

Procrastination Post

1. I CANNOT WAIT to see New Moon when it comes out. I might even become a Jacob fan after this. Thank God for the new director.

2. I get so many mixed responses when asking about whether or not to keep my dark hair. So far, the overwhelming majority says black:

BUT I want to change it to Cinnamon like my friend Kayley:

(She's on the Right)

But the only dilemma is that our skin tones are completely different. I will only get darker as the summer comes closer, and she is more on the fair skin side. Le sigh. I guess I'll decide when my mood sees fit.

3. Also, I received my LANCOME prize package in the mail today! I'm so excited to try the Ageless Mineral foundation. I received it super late because they sent it out to the wrong e-mail address, but I guess to compensate they let me try TWO foundation colors + they sent me a pretty golden eyeshadow, mascara, and a moss green eyeliner pencil. I was so stoked. I jumped around and danced in a circle when I got the package. The two colors I will be trying is Honey 20 (which is recommended for asian skin tones) and Beige 30 (because I'm a medium beige in Bare Minerals and I wasn't sure which one to decide from). Hopefully, either of these match my skin tone, but if not Lancome said I can go the lancome counters and get an exact match, and they will send me that match. I am seriously in makeup heaven right now. Thank you, Lancome! Also, once school is over in 2 weeks, I'll have to review this product for you guys which I guess gives me enough time to test it out and see it's pros/cons! W00t w00t. I don't have any pictures yet either because I haven't had time to upload pictures and I JUST got it, so hold tight. I am antsy for pictures too.

4. My mom told me that she knows an OPI provider in her girl scout troop. Apparently she's a good friend of ours, so I might be able to grab a whole bunch when I go visit her this summer. SO.STOKED. Mama says she has a whole warehouse of OPI nail polishes.

5. I need a job so badly this summer. I'm thinking of being a hostess or a server at a sushi place. If not, my friend Kayley is offering me a job at a craw fish joint with her, buuuut... I'm not sure if I'm down for the SMELL of that place 24/7. AND I love cajun food, so by working there I might not like it anymore which would be super unfortunate. :( But we'll see, I might be desperate enough for money to sell my soul to craw fish.


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