Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Facial Regime

OH NO.. My acne is coming back. After using CETAPHIL for the past 3 weeks, my skin cleared up immensely, but I stopped for like 2-3 days and my sleep pattern got totally zonky so now my skin is acting up again. I swear, my skin is like a temperamental teenage girl. Hopefully if I get more sleep and actually start taking care of my skin consistantly again, this won't happen. Here are a list or products that I use for my face regime:

Cetaphil Cleanser for Normal-Oily Skin: It is both gentle and it works wonders because it doesn't irritate my skin in any way.

Arbonne Exfoliating Thermal Mask: This serves as my exfoliater rather than a mask because the mask dries out my skin and is slightly irritating. The beads are a bit rough, but I usually mix it with my cetaphil cleanser and it works fine sloughing off dead skin. Although I sometimes replace this exfoliater with just plain and simple aspirin pills. I will look for a new mask/exfoliator once this is through, probably Mint Julep Mask since I've heard such good things about it and a basic exfoliater.

Arbonne Balancer/Toner: I don't know if this actually works, but it smells nice and slightly removes excess makeup or cleanser from my skin. I will probably replace this once it's done, but will keep the bottle since it is so sanitary and convenient!

Clean&Clear Dual Moisturizer: This is perfect because it moisturizes and fights acne at the same time.

*The only thing I don't really use is a lotion with SPF. I KNOW, I KNOW.. I'm horrible, but I can't stand wearing TWO lotions, one with SPF and one with sacylic acid. I wish there was a way to combine both.


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